Attentive Care Service offers short-term respite care services that are perfect for family members in Philadelphia who need a break from the daily routine of caregiving. Call us today.

Respite Care

Family members can take respite care and get respite from the routine of caring for their children. It is a great way to help relieve stress, increase energy levels and help to create the needed equilibrium in one’s daily life. It doesn’t matter if it’s for a short period of time or a lengthy trip, Interim can provide the assistance and relaxation that is needed.

We often schedule an in-home assessment for free to determine the kind and duration of treatment needed, and then the plan of care will be formulated. There are numerous choices for extra assistance.

Respite Care Services for Seniors and Families in The Greater Philadelphia Area

Our respite services give family members a respite from the daily routine of taking care of their loved ones. It’s crucial for families who care for their loved ones to find avenues to relieve stress and have time to relax and peace in their lives. It doesn’t matter if you require short-term night-time respite care or you are planning a weekend getaway one of our temporary caregivers will provide all the assistance and comfort you require.

Contact us today to arrange an appointment for a no-cost in-home assessment anywhere within Philadelphia, PA, to discuss what kind of respite service you require. We’ll collaborate with you to create a service plan.

  • Personal Care (bathing or grooming, dress)
  • Housekeeping (laundry dishes, dishwashing, fresh dishes, fresh)
  • Making Meals
  • Shopping
  • Running on errands (picking up the prescription or drying cleaning)
  • Offering transportation and companionship for trips to and from appointments

If you’re not able to locate what you require in this list, feel free to call us for information on our alternative services. In keeping with the name of our company, Caring Family Home Health is committed to your family’s health and has what is needed to make it better!

The Respite Care Service: A Present to You and the One You Love

The decline in the health and life quality of loved ones comes with a variety of difficulties. If a senior suffers from a stroke, is suffering from dementia, or is physically incapable of performing everyday tasks at home due to their age family members are left with the burden of safety and wellbeing.

Family members often are the primary caregivers that require their time and energy to take care of the basic needs of their loved ones. This is done with the love of their loved ones however, it can also be extremely exhausting, especially in the case of dementia where the person you love can behave in a way that is unpredictable and may not be able to recognize their closest relatives.

Do not feel guilty if you’re caregiving responsibilities have caused you to suffer and you believe you’re in need of some time for yourself. Actually, a tired and stressed-out caregiver who’s not taking care of their own health in order to care for another person is actually risking everyone’s health. It is recommended to take a break from caregivers even if it’s over the course of a few hours or a weekend.

Our short-term respite services are beneficial to caregivers as well as their families, through:

  • Helping caregivers get rest and reenergize
  • The caregivers can spend more time to spend with their children or spouses
  • Making caregivers more time to enjoy leisure
  • Stress relief from caring for family members
  • Seniors can be accompanied by a companion to keep them interested

Contrary to what you believe, seeking a brief respite from the demands of being a caregiver isn’t selfish. It’s an opportunity to keep yourself fit and healthy. A healthy, balanced, and happy you are the most wonderful gift you can offer your loved ones!

Professional Respite Care Services -with a focus on “Care”

Caring Family Home Health is proud to provide Bucks County, Lehigh County, Montgomery County, and the entirety of Philadelphia, PA, the region with compassionate, skilled, and compassionate respite services, and more. In addition to our numerous services for caregivers in the home, We also offer veteran-related assistance for those who gave of themselves to keep the nation secure and free from danger.

If you require help in helping a family member do not hesitate to request it. Through Caring Family Home Health, you won’t be isolated any longer! Contact us now to talk about your requirements with one of our specialists.

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